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Frida Kahlo Double Strand Long Necklace with Ribbon €68.00

Lemon Drop Pendant €47.00

Frida Kahlo Earrings €54.00

Frida Kahlo Pearl Necklace €45.00

Letter and Charm Necklace €36.00

Oval Pendant Encrusted with Crystal Glass €49.50

Openable Bangle Bracelet €66.00

Winter Flower Bib Necklace €117.00

Chunky Chain Gold Plated Necklace €36.50

Chunky Chain Long Necklace €44.00

Gold Plated Chunky Chain Matinee Length Necklace €40.00

Beaded Paisley Vintage Short Necklace €54.00

Beaded Disks and Teardrop Vintage Long Pendant Necklace €46.00

Horn Ring Long Chain Necklace €58.00

Pearl Beads Glasses Strap €27.00~€29.00

White Cross Pearl Long Necklace €68.00

Vintage Style Glass Pearl Cross Necklace €50.50

Old Watch and Loupe Pendant €52.50

Antique Frame with Earrings and Old Key €100.00

Pearl Flower Brooch €49.00

Vintage Pearl Flower Bracelet €65.00

Stardust Multicolor Statement Necklace €69.00

Stardust Monochrome Statement Necklace €69.00

Twisted Wave Shape Pearl Choker Necklace €78.50

Cross Medal Heraldic Long Necklace €48.00

Stamped Leather Charm Earrings €38.50

Stamped Leather Charm Necklace €48.00

Stamped Leather Discs Necklace €53.00

Colorful Heart and Beads Ring Necklace €49.50

Agate Chips & Cross with Heart Locket Necklace €46.50

Pearl Cross and Heart Locket Pendant €32.50

Beaded Leaf Pendant Necklace €46.50

I-line Colorful Necklace € 30.00

Long Dangle Beads Earrings €32.00

Cross Necklace €38.50

Glass Pear Beams Magical Broach €67.50

Pearl Earrings with Small Pearl Fringe €33.00

Snowflake Pearl Necklace €36.00

Vintage Style Glass Pearl Necklace €50.50

Embroidered Baby Pearls & Fringe Necklace €49.50

Pearl Dome Choker €50.50

Wood Teardrop-motif Bib Necklace €52.50

Glass Flower 8 Petals Magnet Brooch €52.50

Pearl Planet Long Necklace €36.50

Baby-pearls Embroidered Earrings €27.50

Beaded Shoulder Bag Two-way Necklace €84.50

Two-Color Combination Long Pearl Necklace €52.50

Glass Flower 8 Petals Brooch €52.50

Fruity colored jewelry set €54.00

Mini Party bag Two-way Necklace €84.50

Fioretti Pearl Beads Necklace €64.50

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